5 things you should do during an interview

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You’ve landed an interview for your dream job. That’s awesome! But it can also be nerve-wracking. You need to impress them with your answers, not just your CV. And while many of us are nervous in interviews, you don’t want to mess this up – it could be your only chance to work at that company.

Armed with the right preparation ahead of time and a few tricks up your sleeve, you should be able to ace any interview. Let’s take a look at what you can do during an interview and things you should keep in mind during one too.

Be prepared

You’ve done your research on the company, the job and even the person you’re meeting with ahead of the interview. But have you prepared for the actual interview? You need to be prepared for every possible question that could be thrown your way. You don’t want to be caught off guard. It’s also important to rehearse your answers so that you sound confident when you’re speaking.

You want to come across as knowledgeable, but also as a good fit for the position. Before the interview, write down the top 3-5 questions that you expect to be asked and practice your answers. This will help you feel more at ease and confident during the interview, and will help you make a much better impression.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

While you should have plenty of questions written down, don’t just stop there. Try to bring up topics, like the company culture or the team you’ll be working with. You want to sound engaged and interested in the position, as well as the company as a whole. This will also help you form better answers to their questions.

You don’t want to be too “interrogative” and constantly asking questions, but it’s important to ask the right questions at the right time. If you’re having trouble coming up with questions, try asking questions related to the company’s vision and goals, or what the company has done recently that’s been successful. You can also follow up on anything that was said during the interview. This will show that you’re engaged and interested, as well as help you remember important information.

Own the room

When you’re in the interview, you want to own the room. You need to have your game face on, and be confident and comfortable throughout the interview. This means sitting up straight, not fidgeting, not playing with your hair, and making sure you’ve got a good breath so you don’t end up with “interview breath”.

Be prepared for the interview and make sure you know exactly where you’re going, how long it’s going to take you, how much it’s going to cost you, etc. You don’t want to be late for the interview – especially if it’s your first one with the company. Make sure you know where the building is, how to get there and have a backup plan in case you get lost.

Show your passion and excitement

One of the most important aspects of an interview is showing off your passion and excitement for the job, as well as the company. If you’re interviewing for your dream job, it’s important to show this in your interview. If you’re not excited about the job, it probably won’t be successful.

Make sure you’re honest and genuine when speaking about the company and the job. If you’re not honest, it will show through in your interview and you won’t get the job. If you’re passionate about the position, it will come through in your answers.

This will also show that you’re a good fit for the company, and that you’re the person who should get the job.

Confidence is key

You need to be confident in your interview, no matter what stage in your life you are in. You want to show confidence in your answers, as well as in your experience and knowledge.

Being too cocky isn’t a good thing, but being confident in your abilities is important. If you’re interviewing for your dream job, make sure you show confidence in yourself, your abilities and what you can do for the company. If you come across as unsure of yourself, you’re not going to get the job.

Make sure you’re confident in what you’ve done, your abilities and what you can do for the company. BE REALISTIC. Don’t go into the interview saying you’ve done things that you haven’t. This will only come back to bite you later on.

Send a thank you note

When the interview is over, as well as when you get the job, make sure you send a thank you note. But not just any thank you note. Make sure it’s personalized, handwritten and tailored for that company, and the person you interviewed with.

You don’t want to send the same generic thank you note that everyone else does. You want to stand out, make an impression, and show that you truly want the job. Sending a thank you note after the interview shows that you’re engaged and interested, as well as grateful for the opportunity. This will also help you remember what you said during the interview, as well as help you get the job.

The interview is your chance to shine and make an impression with your knowledge, passion and excitement for the job and company. Make sure you’re prepared for the interview, have your game face on and own the room. Show your passion and excitement for the job, as well as the company. And finally, send a thank you note to really make sure they remember you. This will help you get the job and make sure you stay employed.

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